Dealing with the lockdown all alone

Rag Brahmbhatt
4 min readMay 1, 2020


Hello Humans!

These times are excruciatingly unpleasant. You can not have two opinions about it, and if you do, then just drop one of the opinions and help prove my hypothesis right.

Quarantine sucks. Some of you are stuck with people you love and/or hate, while some of you are stuck with yourself, who you also love and/or hate. Both have their pros and cons. But let’s not dwell on that.

Let’s focus on staying alone. Staying alone is challenging. Especially if it is done for long enough. Anything is challenging if it is done beyond a certain limit. Unless you are talking about your favourite musician to your friends. However, studies have shown that it IS challenging for your friends to continue the friendship.

At least once in your lifetime, you have come across an annoying person, and you’ve thought to yourself “How does he live with himself?”. Well, that’s what staying alone is like. Only YOU are the annoying person. During quarantine, you will meet parts of yourself which will make you question not just who you are, but all the people who have ever loved you. Yes, all 3 of them (and only one of them is your parent). Don’t beat yourself up. Just understand one thing: It’s not you, it’s your ex.

If you are going through something similar right now, you have come to the right place. Or have you come to the wrong place? Who is to say what’s right and wrong? Don’t let someone else dictate what is right or wrong for you. Stand up for yourself!

Who are you today?

Well, here are a series of events that you might come across, so you are prepared to deal with it.

(These are just my thoughts and my attempts to make you laugh so you like me, and I feel better about myself)

Day 1:

You feel good about being locked alone. Because you have always despised humans, which is bizarre because you are one of them.

‘How can I resent my own species?’ you think.

To get away from this unbearable thought, you unlock your phone and open Twitter.

‘Oh! That’s why!’ you find the answer.

You smile at the situation. You think of all those times, around people, when you felt like being locked alone. You realize somehow your prayers are answered, which is suspicious because you have never prayed!

Day 11:

You kinda miss interacting with humans. But it is very clear that you still despise them, given the fact that you address them as ‘humans’ and not by their names. You decide to text 11 people. One of them is your insurance agent. You have never texted so many people. This is a new side of you. You feel happy about it. But that happiness lasts for only a fleeting moment. Because your insurance agent tries to sell you an insurance plan against Covid-19. You finally lose your faith in humanity. It was very tiny, to begin with.

Day 25:

You have improved as a cook, as a cleaner and as a charger of electronic devices. But you haven’t improved as a person yet. The only communication you have had in the last few days was with your house plants where one of them tried to kill themselves to communicate that they needed water.

‘Do I suck at communicating?’ you think, while you water your plants.

‘Do I need to learn how to maintain a relationship where the other side doesn’t have to try to kill themselves to get my attention?’

Day 40:

You realize all the mistakes you have ever made. Your biggest one, you never tried to understand people in your life. But somehow, you always wanted them to understand you.

Now, you want to reach out to people. But your ego won’t allow it.

‘Then what should I do?’ you ask your ego.

‘What? Are you talking to me? I am busy right now. Talk later?’ replied the ego.

‘I want to interact with someone and you are not allowing me to do that!’

‘Listen I am really busy right now. But can you, like, create an imaginary person?’

‘What? That sounds crazy! How?’

‘The same way you are imagining this conversation, you idiot! In your head! You passed the point of craziness a long time ago. TTYL’

‘You SUCK MAN,’ you shout at your ego.

Your ego has left you on read.

Day 51:

You have started believing in God. You have also started believing in Satan. But more importantly, you have started believing in people. You feel the energy. You know exactly what you need to do. You pick up your phone and dial the number.

‘Hello! Listen, I am so sorry for being an asshole to you before. But can I know more about the insurance plan?’ you say, to your insurance agent.

P.S. Thank you for reading. I was very anxious since last few weeks but I felt better after writing this. Do let me know if you liked reading this. Or don’t. It’s up to you. Don’t let people push you around.When will you learn to decide for yourself, huh?